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Group Health Insurance – a few simple facts

Published on 21 Feb 2018 by Jeff Novak

Did you know

  • Group policies can be written all year long with a start date of the first of any month.
  • We can establish group policies from 1 to 200 lives.
  • Business owners with individual coverage could potentially lower their monthly cost, lower their deductible and improve their network of hospitals and doctors.
  • Group coverage could be available for Sole Proprietors and other 1 employee companies.

We understand the Health Insurance world has been hard to navigate. Do you know someone who may need help? We are glad to assist if you have questions. 330-753-8700 (Ohio)

Auto Policy Medical Payments – What Does It Cover?

Published on 30 Jan 2018 by Sarah Haun, CPIA


Medical payments is coverage on your auto policy that is many times misunderstood and not discussed with clients nearly enough. Many people are incorrect in thinking that the Bodily Injury coverage listed on their policy will cover any medical costs related to an accident (up to the policy limit). However, Bodily Injury will only cover the person/people that the driver causes injury. Medical Payment coverage is for you (the driver) and your passengers. This is important coverage for all drivers to understand. If you are at fault in an accident, medical payments can be used to cover you and your passenger’s medical bills if any of you are injured.


Let me give you a quick scenario. Jenny is driving her 1999 Ford Escort and hits a patch of black ice. Her car slides sideways and is hit by an oncoming car. That darn black ice, sometimes there is nothing that can be done; but it is still Jenny’s fault for failure to control her vehicle. Jenny’s Bodily Injury coverage of $50,000 per person $100,000 per accident will pay for medical bills for the not-at-fault party. Jenny has medical insurance that she can use to cover her own medical bills (luckily she had already met her deductible for the year. If not, uh oh!). However, her friend in the passenger seat suffers significant injuries and he has no medical insurance. He is taken to the hospital and his medical bills will probably end up costing well over $5,000 – but that’s just a guesstimate. Jenny only has $1,000 in Medical Payment coverage, so there won’t be covered under the policy for anything over $1,000. So now Jenny’s passenger has two choices – he can take a huge financial hit and pay all of the medical bills out of his own pocket or he can take her to court and sue her for payment. Either way, that’s probably the end of that friendship.


Talk to your insurance agent about your coverage’s. Ask questions. Ask for explanations and examples so that you have a clear understanding of your policies coverage and how they work. Medical Payments in an inexpensive coverage, and the cost to increase your coverage, say from $5,000 to $10,000, is generally very small. It is well worth the cost to make sure you have ample coverage. Maybe you’ll never need to use it, and I hope you don’t, but they don’t call them accidents for anything!


If you are interested in a quote or a free policy review you can feel free to contact our office at 330-753-8700. There is never an obligation to purchase.


Just starting out in life? We’ve got “Life Starter Kits”

Published on 11 Jan 2018 by Eric Elsass

Under 30? Life Insurance Starter | Kits Just $1 a day*!

Are you or someone you know under 30 and just starting out in life? I’ve recently developed a “Life Insurance Starter Kit” specifically designed with you in mind!


Many of my friends and colleagues who are under thirty share some similar traits; transitioning from school into the workforce, becoming homeowners, getting married, and starting families. While these are mostly “happy life moments” there are also the associated stresses that often come with these “grownup” responsibilities including auto, home, and student loans(debt in general); big dreams but limited incomes. An obstacle to overcoming these is often seen as age.


The last thing many of you are thinking about is Life Insurance. However You have a HUGE advantage Right Now BECAUSE of Your Age. 


For less than $1.00* a day you can build a quarter million dollar foundation of life insurance coverage with a $25,000 guaranteed universal life policy and $225,000 10 year term policy. The *premiums for these policies are based on your current age and physical condition and are subject to underwriting.


This coverage would provide a very strong base to help protect your most valuable asset (yourself) as well as providing peace of mind for your loved ones. And if you were recently married or are in a long-term relationship it’s especially important; please see my article “Hey Newlyweds!’.


Life insurance is one of the most important investments you can make. It’s an investment in yourself and the future of your loved ones, and it’s a way to secure your financial responsibilities to your family. In a recent study is was revealed that 30% of American households have NO LIFE INSURANCE COVERAGE!


Don’t be that guy (or girl). To learn more about life insurance and review your specific needs please contact me to arrange a meeting. My direct line is 330.753.8700 x115, or contact me through LinkedIn or Facebook.


About the author: Eric Elsass has over 20 years of experience in the life insurance industry. From 1990 to 2012 he served as vice president of a local financial services firm focusing on retirement and investment planning. He joined Advanced Insurance Designs, Inc. in the fall of 2017 as their life insurance specialist.


Advanced Insurance Designs has provided Northeast Ohio with quality insurance products and exceptional customer service since 1977. To find out more please visit our website at:

Your Most Important Investment

Published on 7 Dec 2017 by Eric Elsass


Life insurance is one of the most important investments you can make. It’s an investment in yourself and the future of your loved ones, and it’s a way to secure your financial responsibilities to your family.


Your life insurance policy can be used to pay off debts and estate taxes, provide money for continuing mortgage payments, and keep your business up and running upon your passing. But most important, it can be used to ensure that your family’s dreams for the future become realities.

Read the full article here

Kitchen/Bath Remodels – Is My Home Insurance Up To Par?


There are 3 general categories that (at least for general purposes) your home’s kitchen and bath(s) will fall under:

  • Builders Grade
  • Semi-Custom
  • Custom

Determining which category your home falls under can be tricky. Generally speaking, most will fall under the ‘Builders Grade’ category. But here are a couple of points to keep in mind.

  1. Any type of remodeling should be discussed with your agent – this includes cabinet refacing and/or replacement, countertop and/or flooring replacement, fixture upgrades, etc.
  2. When calling to get new coverage quotes or an annual review of your current policy – always ask to go over the details of your home so the Replacement Cost Estimate stays up to date.
  3. Make sure you have Dwelling and Personal Property Replacement Cost coverage on your policy – this will provide additional coverage beyond the dollar amount that your home is insured for. For example, if your home is insured for $100,000 and you have dwelling replacement cost at 25%, you will ultimately have up to $125,000 to replace your home. Talk with your agent regarding your replacement cost options.

Why is any of this important? Well, if your house is insured for $100,000 and over the next 3 years you invest $30,000 in upgrades to total $130,000, you don’t advise you agent and don’t have dwelling replacement cost, a total loss will leave you to pay part of the cost yourself to replace/rebuild the home.

Who is insured to drive my car?

Published on 17 Apr 2017


Does insurance follow the vehicle or does it follow the driver? The truth is, it depends on the state you live in. However, generally (and here in Ohio), insurance follows the vehicle and the driver. If an at-fault driver is someone other than the vehicle owner, the claim is typically turned in on the vehicle owners insurance policy. But if it is discovered that the at-fault driver also has insurance, the vehicle owners insurance company may also look to the at-fault drivers' policy for reimbursement. Either way, you can assume the claim will be covered by one or both of the insurance carriers. Unless…


There are conditions within the policy that will outline who is considered an ‘insured driver’, and how an ‘insured driver’ is covered. For example, most policies will consider an ‘insured driver’ someone who is a name insured, a family member living within the household or someone who has been given permission to drive the vehicle. But there are stipulations that vary, depending upon the company’s policy language. For example, if the driver is found to be under the influence of an illegal substance, any property damage may be declined. That leaves the policyholder vulnerable.


It is extremely important that the policyholder read the terms of the policy, and is familiar with what is a covered loss and what is not. As a vehicle owner, you are responsible for what happens with/to your vehicle even if you are not behind the wheel. Be responsible regarding who is driving your vehicle, because any potential claims issues could fall back on you. If you have specific questions, you should contact your agent (or carrier if you don’t have an agent).